In its celebration of its 1st Foundation Term, Governometrics Management Consultancy Services received from state a gift of a greenlight to finally and officially use its trademark.

The Founder and Owner of Governometrics, Dr. Liberty Nolasco was elated over the said development.  She said, “I was notified of the decision last Saturday.  I never saw it coming this soon but I welcome the good news.  It is a wonderful blessing to me, to everyone helping me grow the business, and to the Governometrics communities.  After several months of waiting, I have finally come to terms with the right kind of “R” that refreshes my life and that is good for the soul of the business”.

The right kind of “R” pertains to the mark “officially registered” that describes all state approved trademarks.

The use of the approved Governometrics trademark signifies the pursuit of Dr. Nolasco for the right kind of business whose direction is to serve clients and stakeholders rather than be served by the latter.  She remarked, “It is a milestone to have a state approved business insignia before reaching the full term of your first operations year.  Governometrics is also very much into embodying one of its core values- stewardship.  Clients do not have to think twice about the seriousness of Governometrics in serving them.  They will see in the future how this news would serve their interests further and far greater than what they saw that it did for them in 2021.  It is our greatest honor to be of service to anyone,”.

A trademark is often associated to branding strategy of business.  Dr. Nolasco saw such perspective as too stylized and narrow for the developmental business of Governometrics.  She quipped, “I wanted Governometrics to fuse the worlds of my past professional engagements – academic, business, public, research and voluntary.  The result was my formulation of the business genre and ideology of Governometrics which is fundamentally developmental business.  From such standpoint, your argument has to shift from purely profit terms to virtue oriented enterprise development terms. We can actually stand in the gap, use the situation to contribute to development efforts in our country, and ensure strong national identity building as we ride the tides of globalization.”.

After obtaining the right kind of “R”, Dr. Nolasco pointed out that the clients as well as the communities of Governometrics should expect more developments to come soon.  “The first year of Governometrics is about laying down its foundation brick by brick each time of the day in a COVID-19 pandemic setting.  The other thing is that it is about to introduce its core business services.  So, the trademark came at the right time for the season.  If 2021 is a good year, expect a lot of new great things from Governometrics to come your way in 2022 and beyond.”.

The video link to this good news is now available in Governometrics website.  Visit the page, “Business Identity”, then click “Trademark”:

(Note: Governometrics website is still undergoing developments and is expected to complete its Phase 1 development by December 2021.  Announcements will be made when its 100% completion has already been achieved.  The website of Governometrics shall be your NEW HOME that SOON…..)