Advancements and Top of Mind International Conference


Registration for Participants

(It is preferred that an HR personnel or immediate supervisor serves as contact person of a corporate sponsored registrant )

In registering participation, please refer to the A.T.O.M.I.C prospectus for the specific details.


Please use the details of the Business Prospectus of Governometrics to guide your registration for the choice of service program. Thank you!
Type of registration
Preferably from HR or supervising office who shall also be addressed for the billing statement.
Please use the officially registered address of office with state agencies (e.g. DTI/SEC and BIR)
Please provide the details for the preparation and transmit of Billing Statement and BIR-registered O.R. If at the stage of pre-employment, place N/A.
Represented Sector
Quarter to Participate*
Preference for Obtaining a Copy of the BIR Registered O.R.*
Schedule of Fees by (Type of Participation and Registration/Payment Schedule)*
Choose one answer. Please pay as you register. Registration for face to face participants is open until 3 March 2023, and for online participants 20 March 2023. BIR Registered OR is provided 3 days after the confirmed receipt of registration and payment.
Program Requirements Needed to Participate*
Answer if you have the following: (1) internet connection, (2) zoom account, (3) headphones/headset, (4) laptop/mobile phone to access zoom, (5) office/school ID. Choose one answer.

Participants List

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