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This website is owned and operated by Governometrics Management and Consultancy Services or Governometrics for brevity.

Function of this website

This website is declared as the official online ecommerce platform of Governometrics with the state, and is therefore protected by the prevailing laws and regulations in the Philippines. It was established to inform clients and visitors of its services and products. It also provides content and links to other online sites of Governometrics for the direct use and consumption of clients and visitors.

User Agreement

In visiting and using this website, you as its visitor and user indicate that you have read and understood the Terms and Conditions, and agree to abide by them at all times.

Registration, Validity and Data Privacy

When you create an account in our site via login, events registration, or purchase order, you agree to the following:

(1) You are wholly responsible for your account and the security and privacy of your account, including passwords and personal details, declared during and after registration and/or making a service request or order.

(2) You are providing Governometrics truthful, complete, up to date and verifiable information, and are not withholding or (under)overstating details about your identity as visitor and/or client. These information and details include your full name, institutional affiliation, contact information, and other pertinent matters inquired to establish your identity and distinguish you from other clients, visitors and/or individuals.

(3) You are providing contact information such as mobile number and email accounts that are functional and where you are expected to provide timely response for follow up coordination of Governometrics.

(4) You are providing truthful, accurate, correct, and complete information of the services and/or products that you would like Governometrics to provide you with to the best of its ability, within your specifications and in a timely manner.

(5) Once you have registered for the service program or ordered for purchase of products offered by Governometrics, you are making a committed purchase and consumption of these items. No second thoughts and changes shall be made once billing statement has been fully transmitted to your email. Surcharges are charged additional services for any modification that you shall make.

(6) As for scientific works, research activities and publication projects of Governometrics, you commit to:

a. provide and submit original works for paper presentation without misrepresenting your objective, authorship, functional role in the development of the manuscript, and others.

b. abide by the quality assurance review process observed by Governometrics in reviewing and screening works for public presentation and journal publication

c. establish meaningful professional relations with any member of Governometrics community and respect its own operational standards, business processes, pricing system, and independence from undue pressure and interference on decision making exerted by parties external to its business, review and publication procedures.

d. observe the highest standards of observing ethics in your research, authorship and/or publication engagements with Governometrics.

(7) All details of your registration, service requests and purchase orders, as well as technical specifications are protected by the Data Privacy Act of the Philippines.

(Intellectual) Property Rights

All contents, service programs and their details, and the website concept and design are a property of Governometrics. These include but are not limited to state registered logos and trademarks, publicly disseminated trademarked service programs and products, website texts and images, documents and downloadable files, videos and linked notices of Governometrics obtained from its other social media sites and from its office files, and anything that is a composition of this website. These pieces of information are protected under the Intellectual Property Rights and other rights accorded to business by the state in this country and worldwide.

Should there be interest to adopt any of the aforementioned items for private, commercial or humanitarian purpose, you agree to secure written consent or pay necessary fees for the use of copyrighted materials of Governometrics.

Original Content

You are solely responsible for the outcomes of personally deciding to entertain information and offers coming from a third party service provider that is not recognized and accredited by Governometrics.

Governometrics produces original content and materials for this website and for its service programs and products. It only shares its content and program links coming from this website and from social media sites that it directly manages. Should there be replication made by a third party of any information that it publicly disseminates, you may directly report the incident using all contact information that it has provided visitors and clients in this website and in its social media sites.

Demeanour, Abusive Behavior and Recognition

In using this website, you agree to promote concord, cordiality and respect for humanity. Governometrics promotes decent community culture. It does not tolerate abusive, passive aggressive, microaggressive, macroaggressive, deceptive, manipulative, or foul behavior from anyone, most especially geared towards its business, community members, clients, supported communities, or other sectors encompassed in its advocacies. It reserves the right to withdraw any affiliation from parties with such predisposition. Nonetheless, it reserves the right to recognize visitors, clients and external parties for exercising model behavior for humanity.

Changes in Terms and Conditions

Given that state and international laws and conventions on data privacy, property rights, business rights, as well as improvements in business practices have to be amended at any point in time, Governometrics reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this website at its own disposal even without prior public notice.

In using this website, you are in full agreement that Governometrics is free to exercise sound discretion and management prerogative on this matter so long as the public is notified of the changes within 14 calendar days in its community news and it fully conforms with the stipulations of the Philippine laws.