Governometrics Community

Governometrics maintains three types of communities.  The first type is a scientific committee.  It has two tiers of membership.  The first tier is composed of voluntary, honorary and professional members of the Global Scientific Committee that is responsible for organizing, providing content, and hosting quality assurance procedures for the Advancements and Top of Mind International Conference (A.T.O.M.I.C.) as well as completing the publication projects of Governometrics.   They came from prestigious educational institutions and have corporate and state engagements fulfiling different capacities in their professional career. The second tier is composed of accredited members from global certification programs of Governometrics in 2021 and 2022. 

The second type is a virtual community.  Governometrics has six virtual communities such as this website, 3 FB-Meta sites but whose mother site is (c. January 2022), LinkedIn (c. March/April 2022), and two sets of email communities (c. April/May 2022).  In 2021, Governometrics was running roughly six to nine virtual communities.  But three of the original FB-Meta sites were abandoned after Governometrics decided to reformulate its service programs for 2022.  Two FB groups were also abandoned as a result.  The newsletter community of Governometrics called We.Lead.2090 (originally Advocates, then We.Lead.2050) that used to be circulated via integrated email solutions was brought in the online community of this website.  It had temporary ceased updating content from February to September 2022 to give way to fuller content dissemination of the new services of Governometrics come October 2022.

Governometrics plans to expand its virtual communities to two other social sites by January 2023.

The third type is the supported communities.  This is part of advocacy of Governometrics and of its Founder.  Some supported communities serve as institutional partners of Governometrics.  Others are part of service commitments of its Founder via the free programs of Governometrics such as Advocates, Universatility, etc..  The last type is the highly preferentially treated sectors/groups that the Founder has valued a lot her from her young age.