Welcome to Humanity Complimentary Service Program by Governometrics

Our registration is now open for the webinar session as shown in our poster.

Please be guided by the following information.

  1. Please register
    2. You will receive emailed notice after
    3. You will later receive site to access the Governometrics Community Showroom
    4. Enroll using the details.
    5. You will receive confirmation.

Do not skip any field to guarantee faster confirmation.

  • Designation – student if enrolled; work designation if employed; n/a if unemployed
  • Mobile number – use the format +639ABTUVWXYZ
  • Office/School – school name if student; workplace if employed; HH or household if unemployed
  • Email address – this is a must. Anyone can open email accounts for free. Check out for the following:
    a. functionality (message will not bounce off)
    b. spelling – e.g. partners@governometrics.com not partners@governomtrics.com
    c. spacing – e.g. partners@governometrics.com not partners @governometrics.com
    d. where to place dot and @, e.g. partners@governometrics.com not partners.governometrics@com
    e. Office Address – for student/employed/HH – at the very least, identify the state the municipality/city, province/region of your school/office e.g. Imus, Cavite, CALABARZON
    f. frequency of access – make sure to respond to emailed messages re: confirmation & instructions


Online Registration

Please register at least 2 days before the schedule to ensure your entry to the venue. We hold the right to defer registration for the next scheduled screening should registrants fail to complete registration and enrolment processes within the prescribed time.