Governometrics Management Consulting Services, in celebration of its 1st Foundation Term and as a year end Thanksgiving event, hosted the 1st Governometrics Leaders Convocation Rites on 17 December 2021.

True to its vision, Governometrics is in the business of bringing out and scouting moments of capability, quality, transformation and significance from its clients and its business ecology.  The 1st Governometrics Leaders Convocation Rites gathered individuals and offices to extend its gratitude to them for their unique and innovative contribution enabling Governometrics to serve people – both its clients and other individuals thru its service programs or coordinative activities launched in 2021.

The rites of the events were all dedicated to conferring all the invited and confirmed participants as 2021 People Builders Awardees.

For the first rite, Governometrics conferred awards to the Southern Partners as Project Champions for its Global Development Cooperation Project.  The Southern Partners are the founding organizers for the African Region whose partnership helps concretize the objective of Governometrics for giving voice to the Children and Youth in planning the future of the world thru the 2022 Governometrics Junior Researchers Global Conference.  Recognized individuals were as follows:

  • Abba Temesgen Petros, the Project Champion-Founding Organizer of the Children and Youth Conference of Governometrics and Principal of Don Bosco Catholic School in Ethiopia
  • Ato Lambamo Petros, the Project Champion – Founding Co-organizer of the Children and Youth Conference of Governometrics
  • Ato Tamrat Woldemariam Shalebo, the Project Champion- Project Coordinator for the African Region.

Likewise, Ato Tamrat Woldemariam was also honored for his major accomplishments in completing his 1st year Scientific Committee Cadetship Program.  He is entering the second year in the program come January 2022.  Governometrics Scientific Committee Program is to be offered year round which Filipinos can start availing by February 2022.

The People Builder Awardees for the second rite excelled in the field of research by contributing original works and initiatives to make Lead.Edge. a reality.  Lead.Edge. is the country’s first advocate for cross disciplinary research and the first journal dedicated to thought leadership and futures thinking in the world.  Honorees were mostly academics and researchers from prestigious universities, namely:

  • Assistant Professor Luisito Abueg (UP Los Banos)
  • Associate Professor Chadwick Co Sy Su (UP Manila)
  • Instructor Dachelle Parrocha (UP Manila)
  • Instructor Rozheanne Hilario (UP Manila).

The third rite honored the capability builders from among the roster of institutional clients of Governometrics.  Two educational leaders and their respective institutions were recognized in the said rite:

  • President Eduardo S. Bagtang and Kalinga State University
  • OIC Principal Rosalie Abalon and St. Anthony Academy of Mondragon.

A category for the public sector was also organized to honor its leaders and offices for their innovative coordination system.  For 2021, all awardees came from the division offices of the Department of Education.  Three superintendents and their respective division offices were conferred People Builder Awardees:

  • Dr. Milagros M. Peñaflor and DepEd Schools Division Office of Bataan
  • Dr. Melissa Sanchez, CESE and DepEd Schools Division of Pampanga
  • Dr. Joel T. Torrecampo, CESO VI and DepEd Schools Division of Las Pinas.

The culminating rite honored the individuals who provided crucial technical assistance to Governometrics, allowing it then to strengthen its advocacy services and/or deliver business services effectively to its clients in good and bad times in 2021.

  • Dr. Benito Teehankee, Order of Gold Northstar
  • Dir. Jose Ramelle Javier, Order of Northstar
  • Dr. Faith Christian Cacnio, Order of Northstar
  • Fr. Dr. Rolyn Francisco, Order of Northstar.

As the rites were truly touching and moving moments of leaders convocation, Governometrics made a second special episode on the event for its Humanity solutions aired over Governometrics Productions and Network Communities Channel (Governometrics/GPNCC) in youtube.

The link to the tribute is in blue highlight:     .

The next Governometrics Leaders Convocation Rites will be held in December 2022.   Governometrics is once again ready to accept solidarity initiatives and collaborative projects with its clients and growing communities.

Be one with Governometrics in its search of capability, quality, transformation and significance of the Humanity.  Then, let’s celebrate their good works with our eyes open and our souls truly jubilant!


“For God’s Greatest Glory”