A burst of good news welcomed the dawn in the Philippines when a group of intellectuals in the Southern Region of Ethiopia committed to partake in rolling out the Global Development Cooperation Project of Governometrics Management Consultancy Services in 2022.

The said development cooperation project is focused on pioneering thought leadership and futures thinking among the children and youth via the 1st Governometrics Junior Researchers Global Conference, or briefly Governometrics JR (GC), on 24-28 January 2022.  This event is a global advocacy platform to allow the voice of the children and youth to shine and steer global discourse on R&D to game changing heights for the 21st century.

Such is how Governometrics pristinely but boldly operationalizes futures thinking and lends global mentorship support to future leaders within its ideology, core values and program scope as a developmental business.  The interlinked objectives of stewardship, empowerment, and social transformation are hoisted and addressed.  More importantly, the programmatic thrust for building regional and global partnerships, e.g. South-South (South-North) or involving peoples/institutions from at least two Southern (one Southern and one Northern) nations, is also carried out as advocacy point of the business.

Governometrics presently works with “Southern Partners” as its first overseas organizing chapter established for the global conference.  Establishing the African Southern Partners are the project champions Ato Tamrat Woldemarian Shalebo, Senior Economist and University Lecturer, and Abba Temesgen Petros, a Salesian priest who manages Don Bosco Catholic School as School Principal and member of A.E.T. province.   Both are based in the Southern region of Ethiopia.  As intellectuals, Ato Tamrat and Abba Temesgen know the value of research as a tool for social transformation so that agreeing to co-organize the said event with Governometrics came as second nature to both of them.

On 3 December 2021, Abba Temesgen organized a meeting with Ato Tamrat to conduct a preconference orientation for the junior high school students of Don Bosco Catholic School.  As the meeting proved successful, the school administration and students of Don Bosco Catholic School rallied behind the cause of the 1st Governometrics Junior Researchers Global Conference.

The said development cooperation project was conceived by Dr. Liberty Nolasco, the Founder and Owner of Governometrics and presently serving as its Global Convener for Advocacy Programs and Scientific Committee Works, during the launch of the 1st Top of Mind International Conference (presently called A.T.O.M.I.C.) in December 2020.  Social development specialists from Ethiopia were invited for speaking and scientific committee engagements. Consequently, future engagements of more senior overseas researchers were originally identified for the 2nd A.T.O.M.I.C. as early as January 2021 but the decision to involve the children and youth for a new project came only about in October 2021.

Dr. Nolasco noted, “I thank Abba Temesgen and Ato Tamrat for extending four strong hands to shake the ground and support the overseas participants.  While understanding how much the Ethiopian youth would gain from the event, these intellectuals are also doing Governometrics a favor by believing in and sharing its vision.  True to our promise in December 2020 that by having launched Governometrics and A.T.O.M.I.C., we have already prophesized our gain in 2021 (and beyond).  This is such a blessed and wonderful way to say goodbye and thank you to 2021 as well as to welcome and befriend 2022.” .

Governometrics is actively exploring partnership with other entities for similar and other development cooperation project objectives.

Governometrics is the youngest management consulting business in the Philippines that has practically carried out year long activities for Filipinos and overseas individuals that are high risk in nature.  These activities are high risk as the probability of failing to launch, integrate complex designed activities, address internet connectivity issues, and harmonize different cultural elements run high at 60%.  High risk as well as the link of Governometrics with education institutions is at incipience for events such as the aforementioned.

Unfazed by the situation, Dr. Nolasco expressed, “In business, you face intense public scrutiny and loathing when your plans fail to make it, financially and administratively.  But there are things worth taking the risks for, worth the sleepless nights, and worth investing time and efforts in.  These things have to be insulated from the usual turns of business and expectations of the society – otherwise, conformity, instead of social transformation, takes place.  In Governometrics terms, they work within the purview of one’s calling, practitioner’s artistry, cooperative partnership, and intergenerational commitment, among others.   The catch here is that they are set in motion in a situation of what everyone calls – a state of lack, disconnection, and uncertainty due to COVID-19 pandemic crisis.  We are ending 2021 on a high note.  Kinesis is our keyword for 2022.”.

Invites to the 1st Governometrics JR (GC) on 24-28 January 2022 have already been disseminated to public and private schools in the Philippines during the last week of November and first week of December 2021.

If yet to receive an invite but interested to attend the event, please request a copy to be sent your office.  Visit the link to post request:  https://governometrics.com/contact-us/.

The registration link to the event is as follows: https://governometrics.com/scheduled-events-2/ .


– In everything, to God be the glory! –