Governometrics Management Consultancy Services had launched successive campaigns for the tail end programs of its Humanity Complimentary Services and monthly capability building during the third quarter of CY 2021.  This period marked the termination of the first and second generation formats of the service programs using the solutions set of Mind Governance.  Such is needed to transition Governometrics to its core business services, which would be offered in 2022 but shall be launched in the last quarter of 2021.

The transition period of Governometrics had its exciting turn at the outset.  Apart from launching three new service focal programs (to be discussed in another article), the business activities were graced by the participation of new sectors.

The student leaders of the Navotas Polytechnic College joined Governometrics in the 3rd Founder’s Technical Public Advisory on Education and Technology.  They offered youthful zest in the whole run of the service program.  They posed interesting insights on the state of education and technology integration at present in light of their aspiration in becoming excellent educators in the near future.

Furthermore, participants from India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Turkey also signed up for research related service programs of Governometrics.  They come from the sectors of finance, public health, and higher education.  It is interesting to note how online service programs can organize people of different nationalities for knowledge building and humanity strengthening at the time of COVID-19 pandemic.  Likewise, Governometrics was pleasured to serve our Asian neighbors.

The participation of these two new sectors was truly a welcome development considering that clients and end users of all service programs of Governometrics were mostly managers, educators and administrative personnel from different regions in the Philippines prior to the previous quarter.

Governometrics has truly been grateful to its supportive communities, clients and end users for allowing it to extend services to individuals and organizations that continue to build up people and institutions in the 21st century.